Our organization is privately funded and programs are underwritten through the sales of uplifting and humorous cancer-related merchandise.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

There are many amazing cancer charities that ask for money - but we are not a charity. We are a privately funded, innovative cancer organization that provides laughter, comfort and guidance to children facing cancer and their families.

With our interactive website, team of professional filmmakers and "The Miles Austrevich Center,” we've created a unique and welcoming community for those kids who spend more time in a hospital room, than on a playground.

About Jokes4Miles

Miles and Len

Miles and his father Len shared a love of comedy and found strength in the ability to laugh during treatment. A goal to collect 5000 jokes and well-wishes was embraced by strangers, the media and celebrities alike.

The campaign showed that everyone can make a difference in the lives of people around the world using a simple joke or well-wish, without having to make a monetary donation. The filmmakers, artists and volunteers, known as Miles’ Monkeys, create customized media for children and charitable organizations. Videos highlight the work of members in the community dedicated to making a difference. We help share important stories.

Programs also include free use of the Jokes4Miles studio on the North side of Chicago for children, their families and our supporters.

About Support4Miles

Dan and Rose

Parents and caregivers agreed that there’s often a gap between social workers and families. Support4Miles was born from a need to connect the parents of children facing cancer with helpful resources, programs and support. Our community forums provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions, share thoughts and interact privately. Our caregiver tips offer non-medical advice to help the stressed and overwhelmed.

Our physical location is available free of charge so parents can relax, watch free entertainment, hang out and enjoy complimentary refreshments, meals and items from our retail shop.

Support4Miles - helping fuel the journey.

From our Benefactor

Miles and Jeremy

A story about a kid with brain cancer is supposed to be depressing, but somehow, this one isn’t. Miles Austrevich wore crazy socks and loved monkeys. He took pictures, ate sushi, watched movies and had diverse musical tastes, ranging from Beach House to Kanye West. He knew about history, studied art and read technology blogs. No matter who you were, if you talked to him for a few minutes, you’d learn something.

He has impacted people all over the world, turning something as simple as laughter into an inspiring mission to help others. The first thing Miles said when he found out about Jokes4Miles was, “We should do this for other kids.”.

Despite its severity, his illness never defined him. He was a heroic individual who changed my life for the better. Miles Austrevich wasn’t just a brave kid fighting a life-threatening disease; He was a brave kid fighting a life-threatening disease who wore crazy socks.

– Jeremy

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