Our Team

Len Austrevich

Jokes4Miles began as founder Len Austrevich’s mission to collecting 5000 jokes in support of his late son, Miles. The organization lives on today in Miles’ honor, bringing humor, support and helpful resources to children and families facing cancer. Len’s deep roots in comedy prompted our initiative and has proven that laughter can be the best medicine. He is no stranger to the world of development, having founded and run the legendary Funny Firm Comedy Club in Chicago. His vision for our cause and experience as a writer and editor have continued to broaden the scope of what Jokes4Miles proudly offers to the community.

Jeremy Caplan

A marketing entrepreneur and Internet strategist, Jeremy entered a new phase in his life as he lent his experience and expertise to build Jokes4Miles. A jack-of-all trades, Jeremy collaborates with our diverse team of talent. Through his generosity Jeremy has singlehandedly underwritten Jokes4Miles allowing us to never ask for monetary donations.

Natasa Zoubouridis

Natasa Zoubouridis, joined Jokes4Miles while still attending Lake Forest College in 2012. Her passion was appreciated by Len and Jeremy and the three quickly bonded over Miles: his vision, cancer and a love of comedy. Having lost her older sister to leukemia and being only a year older than Miles, she wholeheartedly believed in the mission. Her talents in business management, operations, writing, networking and producing are a powerful asset in the workplace, providing a solid foundation for what Jokes4Miles has come to be.

Josh Witt
Software Engineer

As an Eagle Scout, Josh Witt has devoted much of his time to helping others. Upon learning about us from friends of Miles Austrevich who, like Josh, attended Northside College Prep, he aligned himself with our initiative. A learned academic and computer scientist, Josh has been instrumental in the development of our new online site. His work doesn’t stop at the keyboard. Alongside being a full-stack web developer, Josh’s study of languages has enabled us to translate much of our content into both close-captioned and voice-over iterations. Where most draw a line between technology and the outdoors, Josh has balanced the two. An avid explorer, swimmer, runner and athletics enthusiast, Josh’s sense of adventure provides quirky stories and an energized environment.

Konrad Zajaczkowski
Software Engineer

Konrad Zbigniew Lippert-Zajaczkowski is a talented computer scientist at Jokes4Miles. After learning about the organization at Northside College Prep from friends of Miles Austrevich, Konrad was inspired to contribute his skills as a full stack web developer. His devotion to community and good-will has led him to create a supportive network for children and families facing cancer. A proud Polish-American, Konrad also uses his linguistic prowess to translate our website content. In his free time, Konrad fancies himself a gamer, bouncing between the realms of table-top play and video games.

Hoon Kim
Software Engineer

Hoon originally earned a BA in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Architecture, and he worked in the building industry as a structural designer for several years. He decided to go back to college to study computer networks, but later realized he had a talent for writing code. He now works at Jokes4Miles as a software developer. A Chicago native, Hoon grew up on the north side of the city in the Albany Park neighborhood, he and went to high school at Lane Tech.

Rob Wafle

Rob is a technical leader with 9 years experience architecting leading-edge solutions for a variety of multimillion- and multibillion-dollar international corporations and the U.S. Armed Forces. Adept at developing customized applications focused on meeting corporate goals and business objectives.

Dave Jo
Database Dev

David has over 28 years in IT consulting with Cypress Data Solutions. His area of expertise is in database applications, with a focus on health and human services. He manages teams of technology and program development experts. David is drawn to the many projects Jokes4Miles spread heads. His wife Ann has volunteered for our company since 2012.

Peter Pazderski
Video Editor

Peter is a Video Editor, Motion Graphics Designer and Digital Artist. In 2011 Peter moved back to the Chicagoland area, after earning his Master's Degree in Digital Arts, to start his career in the professional world. He soon found a job working as a Video Editor and Motion Graphic designer at Polvision TV, where he worked for 5 years growing from a Associate Editor to Lead and finally Head Editor. But it wasn't until he started working with Jokes4Miles that he began to truly love Video Editing as an Art Form and not just a job.

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